Amy Keller, Founder of advncmnt:projects and Amplify, works with individuals and organizations, helping them use their resources for global social impact. Keller takes an innovative approach to making social change – one that involves mapping new trends, collaborating with thought leaders, and devising creative solutions to complex problems. Keller leads efforts on issues including global poverty and disease alleviation, hunger and food waste, the environment, wildlife conservation, the use of technology and its social impact, gender equality, and education.  Keller executes strategies to ensure overall fundraising success; achieving hundreds of millions raised in her career. She is a highly skilled strategist in the social impact space and in international public policy at the intersection of government, NGO, business and the global citizen. Keller develops and executes campaign roadmaps for strategic partnerships and has a strong track record of influencing further sources of revenue.

Clients have included: ONE + (RED), United Nations Foundation, Live Earth, Manduka – project:OM, Creative Visions, EAL/ Wildleaks, SDG Film Institute, Life is Beautiful IMPACT, Not Impossible (Executive Director), Environmental Media Association, Bottletop, Project Everyone, PlantMed, Crop Trust, GoodU, Mikhail Gorbachev’s Green Cross International/Global Green USA, XPRIZE, CellEd, Represent.Us, Pvblic Foundation – GiftCards4Good, KarmaWings, Smart Science, Time4Good, CK/LA, The Artemis Agency, MPE – World Series of Beach Volleyball among others.