Dr. John Wallace, MD,FACEP is a double board certified physician in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine. After completing his residencies in Internal Medicine at Huntington Memorial Medical Center and Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Southern California / Los Angeles County Medical Center, he has practiced Emergency Medicine in the community setting for over 30 years in Southern California practicing in trauma centers and busy community hospital ERs. He’s had a dedicated mission to serve the indigent, critically ill and his local community for decades. He continues to serve as the Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder for his Emergency Medical Group of 40 physicians. His life changed in 2009 when his daughter was diagnosed as first in family with Von Hippel Lindau Syndrome at the age of 7. Since that time, Dr. Wallace served a term of the Board of Directors of the VHL Alliance and maintains a close current relationship with the organization. His recent efforts have been focused on funding biotech and biomechanical research to cure and treat VHL and all cancer in their common mechanisms. As Founder and CEO of the Double Strand VHL Cancer Research Foundation, he sees this 501c3 as a major step towards achieving significant treatment breakthroughs for all cancer.

“The science of medicine is moving forward with ever increasing speed. We all hope that someday current treatments for VHL disease and all cancer will be looked upon as antiquated. The goal of the Double Strand is to promote by financial support research to create new and effective treatments that will make what is currently state of the art, a historical footnote and to transform what is now considered only hypothesis and theory, to be standard of care.”

John G. Wallace, Jr.,M.D., FACEP,ACP

President & CEO, Double Strand VHL Cancer Research Foundation